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Tiffany Cha'tel

April 17, 2011

Fashion Designer, Tiffany Cha'tel talks fashion and style with FWM. Ms. Cha’tel, is a recent graduate of The International Academy of Design and Technology (San Antonio, TX), with a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising Market. Ms. Cha’tel shares her passion for design and how modeling played a role in her direction and dream for fashion. Please check out some of Ms. Cha’tel’s fashion designs as her models showcases her cute and creative work. With Ms. Cha’tel’s beautiful spirit and gifted talents, I’m sure she will be in the fashion world for years to come. Having a positive role model like her will empower more young women who have an interest in the arts to pursue their dreams and take it to the next level.

FWM: Ms. Haysten you mentioned that you experienced a first as an African American Fashion Designer in San Antonio, TX. Can you explain more about that ? How does that feel?

Haysten: I am one of many Black designers here in San Antonio. I recently discovered in my events and venturing out that I am however, one of the first to graduate with a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising Market from The International Academy of Design and Technology. I actually was one of the few Blacks that designed in a Hispanic heritage event here in San Antonio in September. It really feels great to be able to showcase my collections locally. FWM: Can you tell us more about your background? How did you get into fashion design?

Haysten: I have always been into fashion since I was a young girl and I started modeling at the age of 8 years old. I would participate in church service fashion events and my aunt's aloe vera fashion events. I believe it is in my genes. My grandparents were my fashion icons.

FWM: What type of clothing designs do you create?

Haysten: I originally set out to design for men. I was told by my significant other and other men in my family and spectators that men just want to have comfort for the most part. So, I began to create designs for men on my sketch pad. This led me to want to have a Victoria's Secret for men. I named it Couture....Beyond Measures and searched further to find a location and fabric to enhance this idea. It was not as easy as it sounded. I began to take classes and understand the business more. I now design ready- to-wear and couture designs for my clients with sizes ranging from XS-XXL (Petites - Women's Wear).

FWM: What is it like to come up with a fashion idea/style?

Haysten: It feels exhilarating and free. I love to go places to explore and watch people on the street and in magazines to get ideas.

FWM: How do you choose colors/materials to make your designs?

Haysten: I travel as much as I can to get many different fabrics that no one has. It can be difficult but for the most part I find what I want if not better.

FWM: How long does it take to make a garment that you have designed?

Haysten: It depends on the size and what type of garment that is being designed. It can take from 1 day to 15 days.

FWM: Tell us about more about the types of designs you create?

Haysten: I make designs that are appealing to the woman’s curvy shape. I also design for a particular season or occasions. I like to make strapless looks, designer gowns with outrageous or very different material; that brings out my creations.

FWM: Is there a certain age group that your designs target?

Haysten: The age group I target is mostly 20 and up; women who seek a Fashion Designer just for them.

FWM: How do you showcase your designs? Do you use fashion models?

Haysten: Yes, I do (use) models. I started a modeling agency to give teens, women and men, who are local, a chance to get involved and also be exposed

to the newly marketed fashion groups and events.

FWM: You recently completed courses at the International Academy of Design & Technology. When do you graduate? How long did you attend the design school?

Haysten: I will be finishing up December 14, 2010 and will walk the stage in June 2011. I attended for 2 years and I will have earned an Associates degree. I will return in early February to begin courses toward earning my BA.

FWM: Explain some of the things that you learned about fashion and designing while attending school?

Haysten: Wow, I have explored, gravitated and fell in love with the arts of fashion. Knowing the business ins & outs is very interesting when you are on the other side of the tracks. As I mentioned early on, I was modeling and continued to do so for 15 years. Hair shows, fashion networking, events, promotional, print, runway and internet modeling has also inspired me in my journey. Now that I’m on the other side, I understand the Fashion Designers and stylist I used to work with. It’s fun and business all in one!!

FWM: Have you done any fashion shows of your own? If yes, tell us something about your shows?

Haysten: Yes I have produced my own shows. I have the annual Fashionable Fun-in-the-Sun event every year at Fatso's Sports Bar. I have a benefit with a local charity and I get other Fashion Designers to participate and sponsors to help, as well. I recently had my past event at Fatso's, and partial proceeds benefitted Big Brothers and Sisters of South Texas. Also, we were able to get people to sign up as mentors and help out as a big brother or big sister at least once in their life. It really makes a difference to people who don't have the funds to join volleyball camps or other camps during summer. And lending a hand always helps.

FWM: How can we find out more information about your fashions and designs?

Haysten: Go to Haysten on Facebook to see my event schedule and my recent designs. Also for inquiry or bookings for models or me you can send me an email: Haysten. I will be opening my shop soon so people can get a look at my latest Fashion Designs amongst other accesories.

FWM: Any advice would you give to those who want to get into the fashion industry?

Haysten: This industry is not at all easy and the hard work will pay off. YOU MUST LOVE OR LIKE what you do in order to go further. Drive, ambition and determination is a must, but staying focused, praying and keeping faith will always be my motivation. The support of your friends and family will bring it all together!!! Thank you for your coverage and I will be happy to participate in any other works you may have in motion. I love to stay plugged in and keep others informed about this industry. Being a fashionista helps me as a Fashion Stylist and Designer. TiffanyCha'tel

FWM: You are welcome and thank you, Ms. Cha'tel for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview. We look forward to seeing your designs on the runways and also in department stores right here in San Antonio, TX!

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